excluded drivers

Car Insurance and Excluded Drivers

As we discussed in an earlier post, all vehicles must be properly insured, and failure to carry proper insurance can be extremely detrimental in the event of an accident. Uninsured car accident victims may be unable to advance tort claims against another negligent driver, even if they are severely injured. It is important to understand […]

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Driving Without Insurance and Car Accidents

Every day, some drivers in Ontario are driving without insurance. For other drivers, this creates a huge risk of being left without sufficient compensation in the event of an accident with an uninsured driver. In an earlier post, we discussed why OPCF-44 Family Protection Coverage is a good idea for any driver that wants to […]

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Time Limits for Beginning Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

In Ontario, the Limitations Act is a piece of legislation that creates time limits for beginning civil lawsuits, including personal injury and other claims arising from negligence. In most cases, these claims need to begin within two years, and delaying a claim can be a critical mistake that may negate your right to recover damages. […]

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What Happens at an Independent Medical Examination?

In Ontario, individuals who are injured in motor vehicle accidents are eligible to claim accident benefits to cover the medical and other expenses. The amount of accident benefits coverage available is based on the severity of a claimant’s injuries. In order to confirm the extent of injury and impairment, provincial legislation requires claimants to submit […]

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Case Commentary – Bar Liability for Over-Serving

The Ontario Superior Court has recently released an important decision regarding the liability of commercial establishments like bars and restaurants that overserve patrons past the point of intoxication. The facts of the case – Baron v. Clark  This claim for damages arose when the plaintiff suffered injuries following an assault and battery by the individual […]

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How Does the Law Treat Parking Lot Accidents?

Parking lots can be dangerous, with potentially two thirds of drivers  distracted by their phones while driving in a parking lot. Parking lot accidents are common, and due to the low speeds involved, usually fairly minor. However, the slow speeds in parking lots can make drivers feel safe to text or make calls, and serious […]

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travel insurance claim

Travel Insurance Claim Denied? Some Common Reasons Why

Getting hurt or sick on vacation is inconvenient at best, and having to make a claim against your travel insurance policy is complicated and time consuming. When your insurer denies your claim, the inconvenience becomes a very serious financial problem. The right legal advice can help get your claim resolved more quickly. Was your travel […]

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elder neglect

Preventing Elder Neglect – Know The Signs

Elder abuse is a “catch all” term that includes physical, sexual or emotional abuse of an elderly person, or taking advantage of their financial assets. It can also take the form of neglect by a caregiver or family member. Older adults are targeted because they are perceived as being vulnerable. In many cases, the victims […]

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