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Stages of A Personal Injury Claim – Examinations for Discovery

As a personal injury claim progresses, all parties must exchange relevant documentary evidence through an affidavit of documents. The next stage is examinations for discovery, wherein each party has an opportunity to ask other, opposing parties about the claim in detail, and the evidence that supports their position. What happens at examinations for discovery As […]

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Your Claim – Am I Under Surveillance?

In personal injury claims, it is perfectly legal, and not uncommon, for an insurance company to use surveillance techniques to see whether a claimant actually has the same injuries and limitations they are alleging to have suffered. Any significant discrepancies between your reported injuries and what is observed under surveillance can have a negative impact […]

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Time Limits for Beginning Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

In Ontario, the Limitations Act is a piece of legislation that creates time limits for beginning civil lawsuits, including personal injury and other claims arising from negligence. In most cases, these claims need to begin within two years, and delaying a claim can be a critical mistake that may negate your right to recover damages. […]

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Family Law Act Claims

If someone in your family has been seriously injured, your life has probably been turned upside down. Your time may be spent traveling to doctors’ appointments and rehabilitation sessions. Perhaps they are unable to assist with childcare or housework due to their injuries, so you are taking on more day-to-day responsibilities. In some cases, you […]

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Stages of a Personal Injury Claim – Choosing a Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury as the result of negligence, an experienced personal injury lawyer can be an invaluable resource. But how do you choose a lawyer to represent your interests? What to expect when choosing a lawyer If you are injured in Ontario, there can be strict limitations on […]

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