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As the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit, you may be worried about whether you will owe the defendant any money if you take your case to trial and your claim is ultimately unsuccessful. This is a legitimate concern and one you should discuss with a Toronto insurance litigation lawyer at Derfel Injury Law.

The Rules of Civil Procedure in Ontario provide that if a defendant makes an offer to settle and the outcome at trial is less favourable for the plaintiff than the terms of the offer, the defendant is entitled to certain costs from the date of the offer forward. In other words, if a court awards you less money than the insurer offered you before trial, you might have to pay the insurer’s legal fees in an amount that accrues from the date of the offer. This can result in large financial consequences for a you as a plaintiff. The fear of this result leads many clients to settle claims for less money than they are worth. No one wants to risk losing their home or wages as a result of having to pay legal costs.

Litigation Insurance Protects You from Large Costs Awards

Litigation insurance allow litigants to protect themselves from the risk of a costs order. For a small premium, you can purchase “before-the-event” (BTE) or “after-the-event” (ATE) coverage from Canadian insurance companies such as DAS Canada or BridgePoint Indemnity Company.

Talk to our team of personal injury lawyers and legal professionals to learn more about the cost of litigation insurance, the coverage it provides, the process for purchasing a policy, and the appropriate timeframe for initiating coverage.

Getting You the Best Offer for Your Personal Injury Claim

Derfel Injury Law works closely with our clients on all aspects of their claims. We have the experience and industry know-how to help secure the best result, with the least risk. One of the main advantages of litigation insurance is that it prevents plaintiffs from being bullied into “low-ball” settlements. Insurance company defendants can afford adverse costs if they lose at trial much more easily than individual plaintiffs. Litigation insurance helps level the playing field, and takes a huge bargaining chip out of the hands of your opponent during settlement negotiations.

Don’t Settle Before Contacting Derfel Injury Law for Information About Litigation Insurance

Contact Life Insurance Lawyers in Toronto for more information about litigation insurance in Ontario. We will help simplify the issues and work with you to secure the protection you need before you proceed with your personal injury claim. We have over a decade of experience in the personal injury field, and we will work tirelessly on your behalf. Our office is conveniently located in Toronto. Call us at 416.847.3580 to schedule a visit at the individual office closest to you or contact us online.