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When we travel, we often purchase travel insurance. We naturally expect that our travel insurance will provide the coverage needed should we suffer an injury and/or require medical treatment while away from home.

Travel Insurance Claims Denied

Thousands of Canadian travel insurance claims are denied every year, and foreign medical bills can be staggeringly high. An insurer may deny your claim for a variety of reasons. The insurer may allege that:

  • you failed to disclose a pre-existing condition or an ongoing health issue;
  • you made a mistake on the medical questionnaire;
  • the hospital in which you received treatment kept you too long;
  • you didn’t consult a doctor before you made a claim for trip cancellation; or
  • you received treatment that the insurer did not pre-approve.

In addition to your insurer’s denial of your claim, you may be getting collection calls from the hospital that treated your injury or condition. This will undoubtedly lead to more stress and delay your recovery.

The personal injury lawyers at Derfel Injury Law have over a decade of experience handling personal injury claims and insurance-related matters. We can provide you with accurate and concise answers to your travel insurance claim questions, and we will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible resolution for you.

Derfel Injury Law can also assist you with other travel related claims such as cruise ship accidents, aviation accidents, and out of province and international accidents.

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